The High Roost


A van, some bikes, and a journey across the country.

What started out as an escape from the normal routine of a professional road cyclist turned into a love affair with riding bicycles on gravel roads and meeting a new community of cyclists. I hope to hit the most popular and the most grassroots gravel races throughout the country with a mission to tell a story about myself, the people I meet along the way, and the community that is so magnetic and welcoming in the gravel racing scene.

Check out all the awesome companies along for the ride this year!

The Team

Timothy Rugg

Rider, Writer
Creator of The High Roost and manager of Gravel Project 2018.

Jocelyn Dodd

Soigneur, Co-Pilot
Nurse by day, soigneur extraordinaire by night, Jocelyn is a do-it-all partner happy to contribute in any way possible making the journey a smooth ride.

I believe in the Power of Bicycles and support the effort World Bicycle Relief has in empowering the lives of people in the areas that need it most. Consider making a tax deductible donation to them this season. #togetherwerise